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Regain Preview of “Drop the Mic” Official Music Video

"Drop the Mic" is energetic Raw Hardstyle to the core. Also, this preview will bring much gratification to those listener's waiting in anticipation of the new tunes on the way from Regain's next album. Furthermore, enjoy the music video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVkDXPe9EJg The stars of the music video are Regain and...

Geck-o, Vyral

There is a Funky Cat in the Rawstyle Game: Geck-o Remixes

"Ashen One" -Vyral Familiar names in Raw Hardstyle, such as Vyral, are winning the hunt with their hard-hitting rawstyle game. Now, Geck-o, representing The Funky Cat label, polishes up the winning track "Ashen One" by Vyral with some freaky good psychedelic sounds. The resulting remix is called by a different...


Hard and Heavy Sounds: Vyral Releases Single “Black Hole”

A Raw Hardstyle track out now via Spoontech Records "Black Hole" Sci-fi inspired vocals and eery lead melodies make for a dark atmosphere. The hard-knock of the kick drum and the tight power-snare push this track into the hard styles of electronic dance music. Furthermore, the iconic screech instrumental makes...

"Locked Up"

Fierce Collaboration “Locked Up” by Delete and E-Force

"Locked Up" Out now via End of Line Recordings, leaked from the Alpha Omega Album "Locked Up" is a raw and fierce hardstyle track featuring the musical stylings of two of the biggest names in Raw Hardstyle: Delete and E-Force. With these two producers coming away from the studio with previous...


Ticket Sales in Effect for the Spring Rawstyle Event QAPITAL 2019

The most intense Raw Hardstyle Event QAPITAL 2019 gets an early start with ticket sales and reveals phase one lineup. This arena style event boast superior stage design host to the top talent among the Raw Hardstyle event from Q-Dance. Set for April 6, 2019, the ticket sales have begun...

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