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Interview: Music Production 101 with Blank Page

Progressive, Deep, and Melodic London-based DJ and producer Greg Newman who is otherwise known as Blank Page have been rising his way through the ranks after his debut release ‘Autumn’ reached the top 3 in the Trackitdown charts. Greg has achieved a great deal in his relatively short career as...

Grace Gracie

Grace Gracie Interview

Grace Gracie is an up and coming DJ and producer who has a brilliant mind for making music. Gracie's new single "Feels Right" will be released January 25th. With summertime vibes and fast tempo, it will definitely be a song to keep on repeat. Taking her influences from Dutch House...


Interview: Nej!las Discusses Her Top 10 Plugins

A name that has been on everyone’s lips lately is Nej!las. The Detroit-based Techno artist is known for her dark, evocative sound with evolving progressive melodies and is celebrated for her crisp productions that entirely immerse the listener. Below she shares her advice when it comes to mixing and mastering....

DJ Assad

Shhh, please: Interview with DJ Assad

Interview with DJ Assad DJ and producing talent from Mauritius, DJ Assad, graces audiences around the globe with his upbeat feel-good music.  Here with OneEDM, DJ Assad shares his insight into his career and life in music. OneEDM: WHO AND WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO FOLLOW YOUR PATH IN MUSIC? DJ Assad: I...

Newcastle Friends

OneEDM Interview: Newcastle Friends Recordings

OneEDM: Welcome guys! When did the idea of Newcastle Friends conceptualize? Newcastle Friends: Newcastle Friends became an idea back in January 2018 when I was supporting the trance scene on my YouTube channel Lost Paradise. I wanted to be a part of the scene in other ways than just a...

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