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GenZ, RaveRunner, Hydration Pack, GenZ RaveRunner Hydration Pack

Interview: GenZ RaveRunner Hydration Pack Exceeds Kickstarter Goals

After exceeding their Kickstarter goal, GenZ generated over $10,000 in funding for their new hydration pack, RaveRunner. The pack's anti-theft technology, unique color schemes, and ability to customize, make it superior to any other hydration pack on the market. Featuring a 2-liter quick-fill bladder and several secret pockets, this hydration...

Lenell Brown

Introducing: Lenell Brown

Virginia native Lenell Brown has featured on a number of collaborations with some of Spain’s top DJs and Producers. These include The Zombie Kids, Fonsi Nieto, and Robbie Rivera. He is also the resident vocalist at one of Spain’s most prolific record labels: Clipper’s Sounds. His gospel upbringing paved the...


Interview: Dubset CEO Stephen White

Stephen White is the CEO of Dubset, a technology solutions company for the music industry. Dubset's rights management and clearance capabilities ensure music creators obtain full rights to the content they produce. The content includes official DJ mixes and unofficial remixes and additionally, Dubset claims royalties for more than 35...


Interview: Southern Rising Artist BARDZ

While attending Crush Arizona Music Festival, One EDM had the pleasure of interviewing Tyler Bardzilowski, known on stage as BARDZ. A Southern California native whose musical influences range from Odesza to Pink Floyd. His music, a unique blend of instrument driven melodies woven into digital harmonics to stir an emotional...

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