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"Give it Up"

Alex Kidd Drops a Hard Dance Banger: “Give it Up”

"Give it Up" by Alex Kidd Out now via Druck Records Enthusiastic Release Written in all capital letters, is a screamingly enthusiastic statement from Alex Kidd regarding his much anticipated release "Give it Up" on Druck Records. At that, read his expressions of passion from his facebook post. Photo from...


Hardstyle Makeover: Artifact Releases Single “Shakedown”

"Shakedown" Out now via End of Line Recordings Track Review Listen to this amazing track below. Hard dance pushes music to the extreme, and Artifact takes full advantage of this in his track, "Shakedown". This future bass, and trap style influenced track gets a make over with hardstyle sounds. https://open.spotify.com/track/7iO7bbeMv9Asei36PjpYhT Sound...

"The Galvanizer"

For the Peak of the Night: DMCK Releases Single “The Galvanizer”

"The Galvanizer" DMCK, techno DJ and producer from Glasgow, UK releases a single "The Galvanizer" via Yin Yang Records. This is just one of several techno tracks to release from this industrious producer. A proper techno banger that is the track to play at the peak of the night. Appropriately...

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