Exclusive Interview with NYC Underground Electronic Artist Tim Robert

Tim Robert: Underground Electronic Artist

New York City’s underground artists do not conform to typical standards nor do they follow trends. They dabble in experimentation and create bold and daring artwork. One such artist is the electronic progressive talent known as Tim Robert. An honest man who puts his heart and soul into his work, Tim Robert is the definition of reinvention and evolution. Have a listen to these artist’s words in the video interview above.

In the New York underground scene, an avid music lover can easily come across and discover a formidable talent that is unknown. One EDM is here to introduce such talent to a wider audience. Tim Robert is just the tip of the iceberg of all the unexplored musicians out there.

About Tim Robert

Residing in lower Manhattan Tim Robert works tirelessly at balancing career life and family life. His music transmits a message of peace and love while supplying you with gritty and rhythmical productions. After 20+ years of music, he has built a strong sense of self-awareness and confidence that spills into his music.

From stellar tracks like “Love will make us fly” off of his 2019 “Love will make us fly” EP to his recently released track “Here for you”. Tim Robert keeps the primal essence of progressive music alive while putting his own abstract taste to it.”Here for you”, compiles the basic fundamentals of progressive dance music tied to the freeing and liberating vocals he so serenely delivers. A perfect golden aria you could find at any sunrise or sunset DJ set.

A family man and songwriter with acting experience that finds its way into his current projects. Playing deep house and progressive sets before acts like Nifra and being apart of an ensemble of DJs at the Inoki Halloween party, House of Horrors, Tim Robert proves his talent. Not only is he a talented artist, but also he is an excellent DJ as well.

With good taste in beats that can move any listener, Tim Robert is catching the attention of club goers. The DJ styling of Tim would be best described as commendable and first-rate when it comes to dark and gritty club sounds. His DJing skills not only appeal to the underground scene but can easily land him at any big summer festival.

For more information on Tim Robert click here. To download the single “Here for you” by Tim Robert click here.

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