A warm Wednesday evening during fashion week on September 13, 2017, and the spirit of trance was present. The moisture in the air was damp as OneEDM ventured toward a lucid electronic night at club HAUS to attend the introductory night to the new bi-weekly electronic dance series, P.U.R.E…Normally HAUS doesn’t open until 11:30 PM, but P.U.R.E. took the night by the cojones and let the awaiting hopefuls through the doors at 9:30PM.

Photo credit: Rachel Golden

As you enter into the sleek and sultry sanctum of HAUS you get an instant posh and exclusive invite to the next “IT” party. A look around the establishment and a dimly lit dance escape calls out to you, readies your spotlight and whispers sweet nothings in your ear. Grab a quick beverage and catch yourself dancing sooner than you expected. Dancers and their long wavy golden locks welcome you as the opener of the night sets alight the night. Mike is a saint. Trance veteran and elite DJ Mike Saint Jules, that is. He had a very tranquil warm up that sizzled into an aroma of trance fumes that tickled your fancy. Distributing his electronic love, Mike made it easy to let loose mid-work week, but if you’re here you already came with that intention. Just know, attending PURE is a good decision to back up that aim. About 1030 is when he really started cookin’, dropping tracks like Cosmic Gate and Markus Schulz’s “AR” all while adding his Jules seasonings to the mix. He gave the nightclub just what it was craving for with his dashing style that’ll force you to say “Damn that’s gooooood”.

Photo credit: Rachel Golden
Photo credit: Rachel Golden

The whole vibe was vivid, a play off of PLUR executed nicely. P.U.R.E. at HAUS is a place where it’s ok to just be. Listen, if you’re taking the time out to go out on a Wednesday night make it worth it and really live it. Its ok, you’re allowed, and HAUS makes you feel just at home to do that.

Space began to fill as midnight approaches, the lovely senoritas and their glow sticks were turnin’ up and putting a smile on everyone’s face. The clock strikes 12 and Armada music headliner FATUM hops in the DJ booth. Hoola hoop girls stepping on stage and twirling their rings of love as FATUM’s single “Stained Glass” (off of Anjunabeats) buzzes its electronic dance engines. Winning this past summers ”Global Journey DJ Battle presented by Brussels Airlines in partnership with Tomorrowland”, the boys make their return to the spiffy nightclub. Out of the four-man group, Dan Davis and Bruce Karlson spun the records and rose the faders, while Chad Newbold (also in attendance) brought his support. Aggressive techno trance can be a good description of FATUM live – imagine a couple of buddies throwing a party for their friends, using the best beats they can think of. Owning the Anjunabeats podcast, they are masters of their genre. As they blast off, the crowd hangs on for the ride. With an already successful career, they have a bright future with immense growth awaiting them. And that’s all by just witnessing the performance they bestow. As one young woman says “This is the best private party ever” – you need no more convincing to join in on the next P.U.R.E. event. You are the cosmos and your supermind can be free at P.U.R.E., so be sure to join in on the intimate party where friends come together and new friendships form.


Photo credit: Rachel Golden


Photo credit: Rachel Golden

The next P.U.R.E. @ HAUS NYC will be held the night of Wednesday, Sept 27 featuring iHeartRadio’s DAMIEN ANTHONY (he’s a co-winner of the 1st annual “Global Journey DJ Battle” presented by Brussels Airlines in partnership with TOMORROWLAND). (Opener: Mike Saint-Jules.)

To purchase tickets to September 27, click here.

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