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Music Recap: Arizona Roots 2019

Relentless Beats, in collaboration with the California Roots Festival, put on an unforgettable two-day event. It is debuting the Arizona Roots Festival, featuring a motley collection of reggae artists. This was the first festival of its kind, and it did not disappoint. Fans were left delighted in the desert. The weekend was full of stunning performances by headliners such as Rebelution, Dispatch, Atmosphere, Stick Figure and many more. Fans took home an experience that had left them with memories of a fantastic weekend of reggae music and the celebration of art.

Tha’Yotties guitarist
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Tha ‘Yoties

Saturday afternoon started the vibes off right with performances by Tha ‘Yoties and their lively energy. This Flagstaff band brought unique and spiritual vibes with the incorporation of Native American flute in their delivery. It was obvious this was the type of performance the crowd needed as cheers of support showered the Arizona native band. This was just the beginning of an amazing lineup in store for the fans.

Trevor Hall
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Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall had a fantastic performance with vocals that left the crowd swooning. With his husky voice, Hall delivered a dominant performance. To say the least, the crowd responded energetically to his voice and talent. Trevor Hall created a welcoming environment for the following artists and fans.

J Boog in action
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J Boog

It started getting a bit chilly as the sun began to set behind the Arizona Roots Festival main-stage Saturday night. This did not stop J Boog from heating things in a big way, sensually infusing R&B, reggae, and hip-hop, bringing a very passionate set for the fans to warm up to. The sherbert sunset was the perfect backdrop for the stage as singles such as “Let’s do it Again” and “Sunshine Girl” captivated the crowd with a good-feeling melody. None of this could prepare the fans for what would come next.

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Almost wholly engulfed in the darkness that spread across the desert sky, Atmosphere took center stage as the stars aligned to produce arguably the best performance of the weekend. This duo effortlessly delivered hip-hop and rap vibes while still enchanting the reggae crowd. This performance was nothing short of magical. A breath of fresh air for the desert-dwellers hungry for more beats and bars by the performers. Slug delivered a skillful and energetic vocal barrage. While DJ/Producer, Ant applied out-of-this-world beats. It was hard for the fans to not erupt with support and cheers every moment they could.

Crowd favorites such as “Sunshine” and “The Best Day” had the throng in a frenzy with plenty of hands in the air to show approval of the performance. Capping their set with songs such as “Yesterday” and “Trying To Find A Balance” left the audience completely satisfied as they tried to find their footing coming back down to earth. Now they would await the final performance of the evening.

Rebelution at the Arizona Roots mainstage
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With the crowd still mesmerized by the former artists, Rebelution wasted no time, bringing the energy right back to the festival-goers, mixing reggae and rock to deliver a dominant performance. Unity and love spread across the crowd with tracks such as “Lazy Afternoon” and “Good Vibes” gracing the fans to their enjoyment. The band had no problem igniting the dance floor on this cold evening with fan favorites “Outta Control” and “Sky is the Limit.” Fans were expecting a fantastic performance, and Rebelution somehow exceeded expectations as the first day of the Arizona Roots Festival had come to a beautiful conclusion.

Dispatch electric guitarist belting out vocals
Photo by Jacob Tyler Dunn
Stick Figure
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Stick Figure/Dispatch

The weekend was in full swing with the headliners of day two ready to go. Dispatch gathered on the main stage ready to gift the crowd something to remember. Mixing upbeat-rock and sounds of reggae to ignite the crowd, it was easy to see why this band was so anticipated. This final band of the weekend brought about vibrations of excitement from the crowd. Stick Figure was welcomed with cheers and shouts. The band returned the love with the performance of “Smokin’ Love”. They had no problem getting the people to groove with them, using reggae and dub roots as the crowd swayed back and forth in unison.

Fully satisfied and happy, the Arizona Roots Festival attendees gave one final cheer, not only for the performance but for the new roots that had been planted in the desert. Nothing short of amazing and groundbreaking, the fans eagerly anticipate the return of the festival next year.

Article written by Francisco Castorena

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