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Brillz’s Side Project LSDREAM Releases Debut Album “Voyager”

Voyager  by LSDREAM

It has been almost a year since the renowned trap/dubstep producer Brillz, aka Sami Diament, has released any of his signature “twonk” club music. Diament, who is famous for high-energy originals such as “WTF” featuring Willy Joy and “Geekin” featuring Que, has only released a few collaborative singles since his 2015 EP Geekin.

However, his lack of output as Brillz is due to the tireless effort has been putting into his new, trippy side project LSDREAM. Under his new moniker, LSDREAM released his debut album Voyager via Liquid Stranger‘s label Wakaan.

As to be expected from an artist called LSDREAM, the album’s sound is spacey, psychedelic, as well as ominous. Voyager turns the listener into the voyager. One is taken on LSDREAM’s curated sonic journey through space, virtual worlds, and metaphysical realms.

Yet, in spite of its experimental nature, the project is still a cohesive listening experience that is bass music at its core. If anything, Voyager is reminiscent of the wonky dubstep sound that made REZZ’s album Mass Manipulation so popular.

Pillars of Light

The leading single on Voyager is the mystical electro-industrial track “PILLARS OF LIGHT”, created in collaboration with Howwler. Despite its name, the song emits dark and eerie tones as it switches between a guided psychedelic trip and a computer-generated fever dream (in a good way).

On one hand, a female voice gives a hypnotic lecture on the evolution of human consciousness, underscored by low, atmospheric bass. This is interspersed with drops characterized by punchy kick-drums and aggressive, distorted synths that pierce like aural lasers.


LSDREAM’s partner on “PILLARS OF LIGHT” is an anonymous underground producer who has only recently emerged from the shadows. Howwler, whose true identity remains unknown, released two short EPs last fall. Based on his work on Chapter One. EP and Chapter Two. EP, it is no surprise why LSDREAM chose the DJ to collaborate with. Both EPs exemplify his skill at crafting haunting, yet invigorating electro-industrial music.

Paradigm Talent Agency, one of the leading talent agencies in music, has also picked up on this budding talent. As a Paradigm-signee, Howwler has joined the ranks of well-known producers who have similar musical appeals, such as REZZA-Trak, and Mija.

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