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Thomas Gold

Exclusive Interview with Thomas Gold

Photo Credit: Julia Klotz With years on his belt from touring the world, Thomas Gold has never been in a better place. A man who has a hold on balancing his career life and personal life produces stellar results in his work. Thomas Gold is that man. With three new...

Exclusive interview with Gus Pessoa

A young man whos craft expands as his career progresses. Gus Pessoa the Brazilian producer has taken time to chat with OneEDM on where he is at in his career, what hes learned thus far, and what hes excited to share with the world in the coming future. OneEDM: Congratulations...


EXCLUSIVE Interview with DJ/Producer duo, SandJake

Sandro and Jacobo of Madrid, Spain have passion in their hearts, music in their blood, and beats in their bones. Together as SandJake, Sandro and Jacobo are leaving a mark and placing a stamp on the world of dance music. With the latest release of their club hit 'All around...


Interview with Scotty Moore the Founder of FestWorld Magazine

FestWorld magazine is the world's first print magazine for music festivals and music festival fans. The magazine will launch on March 9, 2019. FestWorld magazine's founder, Scotty Moore, has more than 20 years of experience with startup media companies across print, digital, mobile, and social ad tech platforms. He shares...

The Melody

Andrew Rayel and NWYR release new single, “The Melody”

The key to dynamic creation is when it is done collectively. When artists collaborate it gives an opportunity for each individual to express themselves differently. It is unique because it's in a space where artists are inspired by their peers, which can lead to deeper self-discovery. With further self-discovery so...

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