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I am a unicorn living in Memphis Tennessee with a hula hooping superpower and a passion for all things dance music!

Memphis Millennial Artist Spotlight: DrewBeats

One EDM x DrewBeats One EDM is proud to present the Memphis Millennial artist collective; a group of Memphis natives who wish to showcase all of the amazing talents that Memphis has to offer. There are so many gifted individuals within the musical city of Memphis and these artists deserve...

Artist Spotlight: Z-Dougie

Zach Douglas, a.k.a. Z-Dougie, is a jack of all trades in the world of electronic music. The 20-year-old rising star, known for his unique "ghetto bass" sound, has been making big moves in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Z-Dougie has become a household name within the Memphis EDM community, and...


The Pegboard Nerds seem to be exploring new musical territory with the release of their new song “Free,” a collaboration with alternative psychedelic rock band Motopony. The nerds, Norwegian DJ Alexander Odden and Danish DJ Michael Parsberg, are known for their high energy, dubstep/glitch hop style and typically produce around...

Voodoo Festival edm events

Voodoo Festival 2017

If you haven't picked your Halloween festival destination yet, what are you waiting for? With only 100 days left to decide, and all the options available, the choice is sure to be a tough one. However, if you are looking for a unique Halloween experience, combined with a spooky history...

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