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Michael Coe
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Michael Coe is a regular contributor for OneEdm’s “Roots of Electronica” series. He lives in Los Angeles, California and is a writer and performer for the multimedia collective Count the Clock. Interests include music, writing, music writing, and everything in between
Throbbing Gristle

Roots of Electronica: Throbbing Gristle

One of the critical arguments against electronic music throughout the ages has been the idea that it is somehow “inhuman”. The lack of organic instruments, in some critics’ minds, implies a lack of organic feeling. This idea has been the primary obstacle that electronic music has dealt with in its...

Drum Machines

Roots of Electronica: Drum Machines

An Evolution of The Beat: From the Sideman to the 808 From the name alone, the two most essential components of electronic dance music are extremely obvious:  electronics and a danceable rhythm. Far less evident, however, is how the parameters of this combination are precisely defined. The presence of a...

Sampling as Genre

Roots of Electronica: “Sampling as Genre”

Roots of Electronica: "Sampling as Genre" The history of sampling is as contested and complex as the history of electronic music itself. In fact, some of the first electronic music was sampling: found sounds manipulated and recontextualized to lend them new dimensions. Musique-concrete, a form of acousmatic experimental music that...

Roots of Electronica: Video Game Scores

Many important strides in electronica have been informed by a commercial purpose. The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, for instance, an institution responsible for some of the most enduring and innovative electronic compositions of its age, was not primarily designed as an artistic powerhouse, but rather as a simple factory for sound-effects...

Roots of Electronica: Joy Division

Even if you have never listened to Joy Division’s 1979 debut Unknown Pleasures, you’re probably still familiar with its iconic cover art: a column of white CP Pulsar 1919 radio waves resembling stylized mountain peaks drifting quietly in the center of a barren black backdrop. Mysterious, bold, sinister, and cool,...

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