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Kenny is a passionate sports and music fan with soccer being his #1 sport and European (particularly French and Dutch) house music being his #1 genre. His favorite producers are Martin Solveig, Sebastian Ingrosso, Madeon, Tiesto, and Armin Van Buuren.
Tomorrowland Winter

Tomorrowland Winter Temporarily Evacuated During Snow Storm

As many EDM fans know, Tomorrowland is Europe's largest EDM festival, hosted in the Belgian town of Boom. Just like this festival's North American counterpart, Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland has attracted millions of EDM fans worldwide since 2005. As a result of its popularity, Tomorrowland has led to the creation...

2019 WMW

2nd Edition of Wired Music Week in Kuala Lumpur

Electronic Dance Music has millions of fans in all six continents (except Antartica). The largest fanbases are in Europe and North America, yet, EDM has also gained many fans in Asia. In fact, this past weekend saw Kuala Lumpur hosting the 2nd edition of Wired Music Week (WMW). Wired Music...


Interview: Dubset CEO Stephen White

Stephen White is the CEO of Dubset, a technology solutions company for the music industry. Dubset's rights management and clearance capabilities ensure music creators obtain full rights to the content they produce. The content includes official DJ mixes and unofficial remixes and additionally, Dubset claims royalties for more than 35...

1st photo from Paul van Dyk's show at Pure Nightclub

Review: Paul Van Dyk Performed at Sunnyvale’s Pure Nightclub

Credit to T-Blaze Photography Music Rescues Me Tour On February 15, 2019, Paul van Dyk performed at Pure Nightclub, a dance music venue in Sunnyvale, California. Although Sunnyvale is a small Silicon Valley city, it still provided an amazing nightclub to host Paul van Dyk. The two-time DJ Mag "DJ of...

Electric Daisy Carnival

Electric Daisy Carnival Week 2019 In Las Vegas EDC 2019 Is Coming Although Las Vegas in the summer is sweltering, there is one festival that always attracts EDM fans worldwide to the city. That festival is Electric Daisy Carnival. Las Vegas has been the flagship host of EDC since 2011. Additionally, EDC is a three-day global celebration...

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