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Kenny is a passionate sports and music fan with soccer being his #1 sport and European (particularly French and Dutch) house music being his #1 genre. His favorite producers are Martin Solveig, Sebastian Ingrosso, Madeon, Tiesto, and Armin Van Buuren.
music festivals

Drug Use in Music Festivals Across the United States To emphasize the popularity of music festivals nationwide, they bring people together who share the same love for music. Whether if those festivals play mostly EDM, rock, or rap, they still provide a memorable atmosphere for every attendee. However, music festivals across the U.S. do have significant amounts of...

outside lands festival

Preview: Outside Lands 2019 Festival In San Francisco When people specifically think of music festivals in California, it is usually the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. Indeed, Coachella has become not only California's most-famous music festival, but one of the world's best as well. However, Northern California also has its own world-class music festival, located in...

Electronic Dance Music

The Current Electronic Dance Music Scene In San Francisco San Francisco, just like any major international city, is home to a diverse music scene. In fact, it is not difficult for music fans to find entertainment venues that cater to their favorite genres. For example, indie fans love attending Slims and Rickshaw Stop. Jazz fans feel at hom...

Anna Lunoe

Anna Lunoe’s HYPERHOUSE Livestream 003 Is Available On YouTube

Anna Lunoe is an Australian DJ who has performed at prominent festivals such as Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Ultra Music Festival. Although she has only been active since 2010, she has accomplished a lot in the EDM scene. For example, one accomplishment includes being the first solo female DJ to perform...

EDM Festivals

The Top Five EDM Festivals In Asia

Regardless of culture, ethnicity, or nationality, millions of people around the world share one love for EDM. Uniquely, some of the most common sights at EDM festivals are fans flying flags of the countries they call home. Although Europe and North America are EDM's traditional hotbeds, Asia's love with the...

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