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dabin wild youth

Dabin Releases Highly Anticipated Album ‘Wild Youth’

Dabin has officially released his long awaited second studio album, 'Wild Youth'. Featuring a delightfully eclectic assortment of new tracks and collaborations, the sophomore effort is 10 tracks in length, with fan favorites, 'Altitude', 'Lights' and 'In Flames', joining 4 brand new cuts, and the recently released 'Another Day', 'Alive'...

Boomplay Warner Music

Africa’s Boomplay Announces Licensing Deal With Warner Music

Boomplay is one of the largest music streaming and download services in Africa. They announced that they signed a direct licensing agreement with Warner Music. As a result, this will provide the record company with a diverse global roster of music to the region. The terms of the partnership allow...

Judge Throws Out Radius Clause Suite Against Coachella

In May of 2018, organizers behind Soul'd Out recorded a claim against Coachella parent organization, Goldenvoice. The debate was over Coachella's radius clause, which orders that the performers can't perform in neighboring states or regions over a time of December 15 to May 1. Haytham Abdulhadi and Nicholas Harris, the...

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